Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the system recommendations?

    • Windows 10, 8.1 Desktop, 8 Desktop, 7, Vista, or XP
    • 1.5 GHz processor or better
    • 1 GB RAM or better
    • Dedicated video card

  2. Why will the program not install?

    This program requires the .NET Framework 3.5. It must be installed in order for the program to run. The installer only is only confirmed to work on Windows 8 and 7 64bit. If you have another version of Windows, try the download for older versions of Windows instead. If you are having other issues installing it, feel free to open a support ticket.

  3. How can I change the drawing unit from pixels?

    To change to a more useful unit, go to Edit>>Preferences >>Drawing Units.
    Note: Drawing Units can be different than Dimensioning Units. These use mathematical conversions.

  4. How can I register pjrCAD?

    Registration is currently free and easy. Click Help>>Register and fill out the form. Note:This does require an internet connection.

  5. Why is midpoint snap not working?

    Sensitivity can be increased by going to Edit >> Preferences >>Object Snap Sensitivity. This setting currently is used for all object snaps, and by default is set less sensitive so it does not snap to the wrong line when two lines are close to each other.

  6. Will pjrCAD ever be available on Mac OS?

    This is not planned at this time. It is currently in development for iOS and Android.